Gaines International’s Customized Solutions to Executive Recruitment

Every search that Gaines International performs is unique. That’s because every project has distinct requirements, a different corporate culture, a new pool of candidates – all presenting issues and opportunities that have never existed before. The Gaines answer to that is a customized approach. The search for global design and building professionals starts with understanding your firm. Assumptions and conventions are cast aside in favor of a deeper comprehension of your business, your needs, and your ideal candidate’s profile. Out of the researching, questioning, comparing, defining, and refining comes a search plan designed to meet your objectives as efficiently as possible. Because each candidate has more depth than a past job description, Gaines considers all aspects in trying to find a perfect match, including backgrounds and personal qualities. A Gaines consultant thoroughly interviews those candidates fitting your profile. This is essential for pre-qualifying a candidate to get the right fit – which includes desired skills, cultural alignment and potential to positively impact your business. After collecting feedback from both sides of the table, the process continues on to the offer and negotiation stage, and if necessary, skill-related and objective tests as well. When the final candidate has been selected, Gaines will counsel them in regards to counteroffers and follow their progress during the first few months of employment. Satisfaction is always guaranteed.