Grant Heath — Bio

Grant Heath
Grant possesses over twenty four years of experience partnering with client companies in the architectural, construction, interior design, engineering and real estate industries. He is responsible for client acquisition, executing the searches, and working with clients in a consultative and coaching capacity. It is his purpose to become their trusted adviser in identifying goals, assessing core strengths, establishing search strategies, and guiding the process through the successful completion of the engagement.



Over the course of his career, Grant has completed hundreds of senior level searches across a multitude of disciplines and market sectors. He is guided by the firm belief that the single greatest asset to drive a company’s organizational efficiency and profitability is hiring the best and brightest talent in the market place.



It is his mission to assist client companies to succeed by identifying, evaluating and attracting the key talent critically needed to stay competitive in this ever expanding global economy. The most gratifying part of the search profession for Grant is seeing the successful “marriage” between the client and candidate that results in a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship.


“There is absolutely nothing in my career that is more rewarding than receiving a call from a candidate or client, years after the successful completion of a search, thanking me for positively impacting their life or business. It is the driving force for my intense passion for the search profession.”