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Call for Submissions

Where Innovation Works

Do you want your design to have real influence? Take your talent to the owner’s side!

Gaines International is hosting a competitive call to Designers in California and the Pacific Northwest area to put your best design forward and submit a short resume with work samples. The top talent will be interviewed and only 1 person will be hired to join Kilroy’s team as the Designer, joining Douglas Geisey & Grace Hwang in their in-house Design Studio.

Kilroy is a pioneer in re-imagining the commercial office building into vibrant spaces filled with energy and life — so work doesn’t feel so much like work. They are taking this same strategy into new forays in retail environments and residential spaces as these different parts of life become more and more intertwined. Kilroy understands how environments shape human creativity and productivity and approach each space with fresh eyes, breaking apart old molds of ‘your father’s office’. Instead, they create spaces that are well suited for each function and today’s workforce. We are looking for a creative, forward-thinking individual to join them in this endeavor!

Gaines international is exclusively managing this search on behalf of Kilroy. Any applications submitted outside of this call will not be considered. All submission must be submitted in PDF form.

Kilroy is an Equal Opportunity Employer – Please complete the information below to assist us in complying with equal opportunity/affirmative action record keeping and reporting requirements. Providing this information is voluntary, refusal to provide the information will not result in any adverse treatment. This Information Form will be kept in a separate, confidential file and will be used only for safety and government reporting purposes.