How To Tell If You Should Be An Interior Designer

Photo credit:  charlotte holmes  (Flickr)

Photo credit: charlotte holmes

For quite some time, I always thought that I should have been an interior designer. I almost dabbled in it for a bit, but then the writing path spoke to me. So when I stumbled upon an article about 10 ways you know you should be an interior designer I obviously became intrigued.

I treated the list kind of like a quiz. Just for fun. Let’s take a look at how to tell if you should be an interior designer. We can all it a little Monday Fun.

You obsess about decorating details.

Check. Check. When I was in college I used to house sit. And one of my favorite things was going room to room an imagining what I would do with the space if it were my house.

You rearrange furniture incessantly.

Yes, I sure do. Every time I clean. I constantly think that the couch would be better here or these pillows would look cute on that bench over there.

Friends ask you for decorating ideas.

My family does. All the time. In fact, one of the things my mom loves to do with me is shop for home goods.

You try and save every decorating dilemma.

Ok. You’ve got me here. I don’t necessarily actively do this. But I do, however, mentally think about what I would do. That counts for something. Right?

You know more colors than a crayon box.

You’ve got me here too. I don’t really know any colors. However, I do love the use of color. That’s got to count for something. Right?

Home improvement staff know you buy name.

Not really. Though one day at Lowes, the guy checked me out asked me if I had been there earlier that day (and I had).

A trusty toolbox is always at your side.

It’s not really at my side. But I know where all of my tools are and I have a lot of them.

Refinishing furniture is a passion.

I’m not sure if I would consider if a passion, but I always see cool furniture and buy it regardless of how well it matches what I have. I always assume I can just recover it or refinish it if necessary. It’s more important to have pieces you like. Not pieces that match since it’s often harder to change the structure of something.

Always on the hunt.

Yes and yes. I love to go to antique stores, garage sales, thrift stores, and so on. I’m always pointing them out and randomly stopping. And I’m always looking for my next really cool find.

You know fabrics.

You totally have me here. I know nothing about fabrics other than the fact that felt is different (and cheaper) than fabrics.

Maybe this isn’t a scientific way to tell, but it was a little fun. Tell us what you think!