A Brooklyn Artist Is Creating A Miniature Scale Model of a Gothic Cathedral From Scratch

Photo Courtesy of Ryan McAmis & ArchDaily

Photo Courtesy of Ryan McAmis & ArchDaily

Cathedrals present some of the most beautiful architecture. In my opinion that is. There’s something about the beautiful stained glass windows, the walls, the floors — really just all of the little details — that make it simply magnificent. So I also found it pretty awesome when I stumbled on an article about a Brooklyn artist who is creating a miniature scale model of a Gothic cathedral from scratch. Yes, from scratch. How in the world is this even possible?

Well, Ryan McAmis, the artist behind the project, has found a way.

First he starts by making pieces from a variety of materials such as clay and wood. Then he brings all of the materials together to make a silicon mold to be painted by hand at a later time.
He uses Photoshop to make the stained glass and designs for the flooring. Then clay tools are used to make all of the detailing.
The pictures of the model are amazing. In fact, if I hadn’t read the headline and just looked at the pictures, I wouldn’t have known that it was a model being recreated.
The project will take several years to complete. If you want to keep updated on all of the progress or check out some of his other work, check out his website.