10 Traits of a Successful Employee


Ideal Employee

Most companies will hire their future employees based upon their expectations of future success. So it’s important to understand what these employees have so you’re able to identify them. Here are 10 traits of a successful employee.

1. Positivity 

Those employees who maintain a positive attitude are a great asset to a company.  Those with negative attitudes become disgruntled employees who will not be as productive.

2. Taking action

Those employees not only set goals to excel and help the company grow, they also take the necessary action of coming up with ideas for improvement, growth etc.  They are usually valued more by the company.  Employees who do not take action are usually those that complain about their daily routine and do not take on extra responsibilities.

3. Enthusiasm

Those employees who are enthusiastic usually are the ones who come up with wonderful ideas on how things can work more efficiently, etc.  They take on tasks in an enthusiastic manner.  Unenthusiastic employees will grumble and shirk off any task that they do not like or that they find demeaning.

4. Independence

These employees can get the job done without a lot of hand holding.  Those managers who delegate tasks want someone who will take the responsibility at hand and run with it, rather than having to constantly tell the employee what needs to be done.

5. Optimism

Those employees who are optimistic and upbeat are generally the ones who can envision a problem solving environment where they can contribute to the success of the company in general.   Employees who are not upbeat, generally will not have a very good attitude and will have nothing to contribute.

6. High attention to detail

These employees will catch mistakes before they are presented to the client which would be an embarrassment to the company.  They will take the time to thoroughly look things over vs. an employee who tries to get the job done too fast without being careful.

7. Hard working

These employees are results-oriented.  An effective organization will recruit results-oriented, hardworking employees who execute vs. those who are not hard workers and tend to waste time chattering, etc.

8. Marketable

These employees are an asset to a company’s clientele because they represent the company in a professional and organized manner.  An unmarketable employee does not try to improve upon their skills or responsibilities which would make them more marketable.

9. Proven Success

An effective way to predict future success in a candidate is in evaluating their success at previous firms that they have worked for.  Did this candidate meet the company’s goals and what were their achievements while there?  An unsuccessful employee refuses to succeed and stays mediocre.

10. A Strong resume

An effective resume that has been well written speaks loudly for the candidate.  It is a snapshot of the candidate’s career and should highlight their greatest accomplishments.  Those resumes that have typos, grammatical errors etc. are generally passed up when companies are in their hiring process.