3 Reasons You Should Talk to a Recruiter

Photo credit: kev-shine (Flickr)

Photo credit: kev-shine (Flickr)

One of the most difficult aspects of recruiting is getting a prospect to actually talk to you. There’s a certain stigma attached to recruiters and because of that, they tend to get a bad rap. People also often think if they aren’t actively pursuing new opportunities it’s pointless to even bother having a chat with a recruiter.

But all of that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are three reasons why you should talk to a recruiter regardless of your current situation.


It’s no secret that networking is huge and recruiters are a great asset for that very thing. I am not going to say they know everyone, but they definitely have acquaintances far beyond the reach of most people.

Recruiters have useful knowledge about the industry

Part of a recruiter’s job is to help a candidate become interested in a position. With that comes the need to understand certain elements about the industry. After all, you can’t convince a person this is a wise career move if you have no knowledge of what’s happening in their field. So sometimes it’s nice to know a recruiter you can have a chat with every now and again to touch base on what’s happening in the industry.

Recruiters can keep you one step ahead

Recruiters aren’t just out there to find you a job, but also to help fill positions for clients. If you are in a lucrative career, you never know where that can take you and there could be a need for a recruiter to help with your hiring needs. And, if you’ve already established a relationship with one, you’re one step ahead of the game.

And, of course on the flip side, we’d all like to believe our jobs are safe and secure, but you truly never know what can happen. So, if you’ve already established some sort of relationship with a recruiter, you’re one step ahead of the game there too.

What are some other reasons you can think of?