4 Ways Recruiters Help You Make the Right Hire

Making the Right Hire

Photo credit (both images): studio tdes (Flickr)

Hiring a new employee is a pretty big deal. If you make the wrong choice it might cost you big time. You could lose hours or days or even months of productivity. You could lose sales. Your company’s reputation might wash down the drain. The morale of your company could even suffer. The list is endless and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that none of these things are good for business.

So it’s pretty easy to understand why a lot of companies are a little leery about using a search or recruiting firm and would rather just deal with the hiring process themselves. However, this thinking isn’t necessarily 100% accurate. In fact, a search firm might just help you hire the employee of your dreams. Here are four ways recruiters help you make the right hire.

  1. You already have a full plate.

    Hiring someone takes time and resources. When you’re already busy with your day-to-day duties, it’s hard to set aside enough time to make a careful, strategic hire. Recruiters have a full plate too. But it’s with calls, screenings, and other tasks to find a great candidate to fill a client’s open position.

  2. We all have a job to do and making the right hire is a recruiter’s job.

    Just like a designer’s job is to design a really great building, a recruiter’s job is to find a really great candidate (and place them in your firm). It’s their job, it’s what they specialize in, and they really know their stuff. Recruiters work hard to find candidates, screen them, and do whatever they can to be sure they will fit within your organization.

  3. They understand passive candidates.

    Great candidates aren’t necessarily out there looking for a job so you need someone who understands how to find a passive candidate and how to bring them to the table.

  4. There are two sides to the hiring process and recruiters understand both.

    Recruiters aren’t just advocates for your company, they are champions for the candidate as well. Knowing what both sides need enables a recruiter to make sure the client is happy, the candidate is happy, and that everything is a fit for everyone involved.

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