6 Ways to Use the Holidays to Help Your Job Search

Photo Credit: Flazingo Photos (Flickr)

Photo Credit: Flazingo Photos (Flickr)

What may seem like an unlikely time to get a job, the holiday season can actually be the best time.  There are a number of factors in which a candidate can utilize that time to go on interviews, network with other job seekers, and so on. Here’s how to use the holidays to help your job search (rather than letting them hinder it).

1. Less Competition. Many individuals drop out of the job market during the holiday season which means less competition in their area of expertise.  Most employers hit the ground running for hiring on January 1st.  It also shows the employer that one is committed to working and getting a job.

2. Use the Holidays to Break the Ice. Surviving the holidays at year end can help a candidate actually gain good rapport during an interview.  It is also a great way to meet others for the first time to establish a common ground.

3. Holiday Networking.  Holiday events can be great networking opportunities.  One can extend themselves to family, friends or casual meetings that may connect one to a job or valuable resource to land an interview.  It is a great way to socialize outside of social media.  Meeting those individuals who can help you out face to face, gives you a chance to make a great impression.  Have a Holliday party or join a Holiday networking event.  Take the initiative to invite 10 people to join you to discuss interviewing, jobs and hiring.  Each invitee will have something unique and interesting to add to the conversation and you will walk away with valuable information.

4. Sending a Holiday Card to Your Recruiter.  This is a great way to let them know that you are available for any interviews during the holiday.  It also gives you a chance to thank them for their time and effort in helping you land that ideal job.  This gives one an edge versus those who may not be available to go on the job interview.

5. Staying Focused During the Holidays.  In not taking a break during the holidays, one can concentrate more on opportunities that may come their way during the holiday season.  You may even land your ideal job during this time.

6. Go Full Speed In Your Search During Holidays.  Being prepared to take the holidays in full gear to get a job is a great way to present yourself to prospective employers.  Hiring managers start looking for candidates during the holiday season which could mean a new job for the New Year!