Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

We partner with our clients to connect them with the top talent in the global design and building industries. Our process goes beyond just finding the right skills and experience by identifying individuals who can help you solve key business challenges.

We change the lives of the people that we bring to our client organizations, as they are instrumental in making a difference both for the firm and the community they are joining. Our candor with our clients and candidates ensures a strong culture fit for both parties. Every Gaines professional offers a personalized approach that enables us to bring lasting value for both the client and the candidate.

Our Mission & Values 2

Our Values

Creating a culture that embraces the following values is key to our success:

Passion for Success

  • We are success driven, not just financially driven
  • We find the right fit for the business, culture, and position
  • Our tenacity and problem solving skills yield success
  • We realize “no” does not always mean “no”
  • Our own hiring practices and internal culture mirrors the outcomes we desire for our clients
  • We openly share assignment challenges and ask for help when needed for successful resolution

Industry Experience

  • We understand the industry challenges our clients and candidates face
  • We recognize the desires, needs and challenges of design talent professionals
  • We keep educated on the key players, cultures and trends in the industry
  • We are loyal to our industry niche focus and service offerings
  • We understand the language of the position specifications and industry

Focus on Business Results

  • We focus on the best results for the client and candidate which will lead to the best result for Gaines International
  • We start by understanding the specific business challenges and desired outcomes of our clients
  • We speak to and demonstrate the return on investment for our clients
  • We understand how our engagements affects the client’s & candidate’s life and livelihood
  • We acknowledge how challenging change can be for the client and the candidate<
  • Our “don’t give up” approach leads to our high level of completion on assignments
  • We assist our clients with creative strategies for closing the assignment such as compensation/remuneration


  • We work as one team focused on our common goals
  • We put ourselves in the shoes of the client and candidate to partner effectively
  • We influence instead of tell; recognizing that each player is an expert
  • We respect one another
  • We foster open communication
  • We leverage the individual strengths and skills of one another for our collective success


  • We demonstrate ethics beyond reproach
  • We give trust and earn the trust of others
  • We follow-through on our commitments


  • We believe that being tactfully open and candid will ensure the best fit for clients and for candidates to ensure long- term results
  • We demonstrate candor with our clients, with our candidates and with each other
Brand Reputation

  • We continually promote and expand the company brand
  • Each of us develops an individual brand which strengthens the Gaines’ brand
  • We recognize that both client and internal/external candidate selection reflect both our brand and the client’s brand