#AEC Whimsical Wednesdays on Water


Welcome to Whimsical Wednesdays, our latest summer feature highlighting the Architectural, Engineering and Construction world! Today we bring to you a must-see tour and experience in Chicago.

To get us started on this new feature, our very own Mary Pat, recommends the CAF boat tour. With out of town visitors, there are always plenty of architectural activities to experience, but the Chicago Architectural Foundation’s boat tour is a classic. In Mary Pat’s own words: ” I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and have been on a few architecture tours before. However, the CAF tour allowed me to see my city in a new light because of what I’ve learned since joining Gaines. I recognized most of the architects they talked about and some of the building styles. I definitely have a new appreciation for Chicago!”

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Have you experienced the CAF boat tour? What architectural experiences would you recommend? Let us know by tweeting, commenting, or finding us on facebook!