Begone Winter Blues: Plan A Dream Architectural Trip!


Feeling the winter blues? Ready to start planning your next getaway? I know I am! So how about some #MondayMotivation that’s all about architecture, travel, secret hideouts and glorious structures?

Looking for warmth and a stunning fortress? Look no further than Derawr Fort, Pakistan. “A fortress of monumental proportions, Derawar’s 40 stunning bastions rise from the desert in a striking square formation. Combined, the fort’s walls form a circumference of some 1,500m and stand some 30m high.”

If you’re looking for something in the middle of Europe, why not try Prague? Prague, is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, with over 2 million people. This beautiful city is understandably the center of some great architectural wonders. A highlight we’d like to see: Charles Bridge.

Now, if you’re really the adventurous type, and want to see the world from a bird’s eye view (in an oh so amazing way), why not take a trip to the forest and stay in a treehouse? I’m ready! Let’s go!

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