Five Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media

Photo credit: Mark Kens (Flickr)

Photo credit: Mark Kens (Flickr)

People have found that social media is useful for a variety of things. You can have access to news, make new friends, or keep up with old ones. You can also use it to help network or to find a new job and advance your career. Businesses have found it useful as well. It can be a way to expand your clientele or to better reach those that you already have.

But, if you aren’t looking to help grow a business or to find your next big opportunity, there seems to be this idea that social media is kind of pointless.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth. While I don’t think you need to use every site out there, it’s a good idea to join a couple so you have an online presence. I especially recommend using LinkedIn, but Twitter and Facebook are useful too.

Here are five reasons you should be using social media (even if you aren’t looking for a job).

The economy is always up in the air

It’s a sad but true fact. Even if you aren’t currently looking for a job, you never know what can happen and if you’re already using social media, you’re likely to be one step ahead if anything happens.


You never know when you might need to hire someone or need advice with your latest project. Anything can happen and if you’re using social media it’s a lot easier and faster to enlist the help of others. And, sometimes it just helps to be amongst others in your industry.

You want to be in the know

Almost every industry has some sort of event or a way to be more involved.  Industries also continue to evolve and grow. Social media provides a one stop shop for everything that’s going on.

Broaden your reach

Sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook enable you to connect with people all over the world. And it’s likely that these are people you would never connect with if it weren’t for social media.

It helps keep your creative juices flowing

Another sad but true fact is that sometimes our jobs seem routine. But, sometimes hearing and seeing ideas from others can give you the pick me up that you need.