Will you help me look for or find a position?
No. We work on behalf of our clients to fill specific positions based upon their needs. You can apply for a current position and, if you’re a fit, one of our executive recruiting consultants will contact you. If you do not see any current opportunities that fit your background, please fill out a profile so that we can contact you about future opportunities.
What happens when I apply for a position? How is that different than just filling out a profile?
Your information will be sent to us with a notification that you applied for a specific position. A member of our research staff will review your information and, if you’re a fit for the search, one of our consultants will contact you.
What if my background doesn't fit any of the searches listed on the website?
You can fill out a profile. That way we will have your information in our records and can contact you for future opportunities.
What happens to my information after I fill out a candidate profile?
Your information is sent to our executive recruiting consultants and research team for review. If your background fits any of our current opportunities, one of our consultants will contact you. If not, we will keep your information in our records so that we can contact you for future opportunities. All of your information is strictly confidential and will never be shared without your permission.
Why should I fill out a candidate profile? Wouldn't it be better to speak with someone directly?
It’s important for us to understand your background and career objectives in order to determine the best way we can work together.
What should I do if I'm not a fit for a search, but know someone who is?
Please refer them to us. Each position has a link for referrals. Just click on it and you can send their information to us. Referrals work the same as if you were applying yourself. All information will be kept confidential.
If I'm not in the building design industry should I still fill out a profile?
Gaines International works exclusively in the building design industry. This includes placement for executives and managers in architecture, interiors/interior design, engineering, real estate and construction.
Can I email you personally if I have a unique skill or function I'd like your recruiters to know about?
We ask that all candidates go through the process the same way in order to streamline our efforts. When you fill out a candidate profile, you can also upload a resume which will highlight any important skills that you may have.
Should I fill out a candidate profile if I just graduated or am a junior architect?
We execute mid- to senior-level searches, but we encourage everyone in our industry to fill out a profile regardless of their level.
How long will it take for someone to contact me after I've filled out a profile?
Everything is dependent upon our current opportunities.