Hire the Best Candidate for the Job


Hire the best candidateAs recruiters, it’s our job to find candidates for our clients. They often come to us to find that perfectly ideal candidate. We are given a list of must haves, should haves, and are often asked to find the needle in the haystack. After all, the point of working with a recruiter is having a trusted adviser to help make the right hire. But, how often are you asked to find the less than perfect candidate?

Well, as an article I recently read points out, this might be more important than you think.

Per the article, it’s more about finding the person who is a perfect fit within your company rather than someone who is the perfect fit for the position.

By all means, if you find someone who is perfect for both, jump on hiring them. But, the important thing is to understand that someone who has the perfect qualifications for a position doesn’t necessarily make them a perfect candidate for your company. There is more to it than that and you should hire the best candidate for the job.

Also, when you hire someone who fits within your organization, it’s likely that person will grow and evolve as the position (and your company) grows and evolves. And, that’s the kind of employee you ideally want.

I think this is a really important aspect in the recruiting (and hiring) process that isn’t often thought about. Be sure you’re not overlooking those who don’t have a perfect score on the check list of qualifications.