#MondayMotivation with 5 Favorite Architectural Quotes from Donna Gaines


Happy Monday! Welcome to another week. Without further delay, here is the second set of Donna Gaines‘s favorite quotes, with commentary:

1. “I try firstly to make buildings humane. The greatest satisfaction, I think, is when a building opens and the public possesses it and you cut the umbilical cord. You see it taking it’s own life.  There is no greater satisfaction”: Moshe Safdie designs building around the globe that touch many diverse cultures that give back to society.

2. “My passion and great enjoyment for architecture and the reason the older I get, the more I enjoy it,  is because we-architects can effect the quality of life of the people”:  Richard Rogers exhibits his true vision and purpose for design is to help people.

3.“More is more or less is a bore”: Robert Venturi was all in favor of richness & layering of ideas and cultural symbolism.

4.“Proof that Transit Adds Value”: Diane Legge Kemp. Diane is an architect that just recently completed a socio-economic + physical development study for Mobility Oriented Development (MOD) which identified the full range of benefits high speed rail offers to communities and the nation.

5.“Balanced workplaces where employees have the autonomy to choose their work space based on the task or project at hand are more effective and higher performing”: Diane Hoskins is an architect & Co-Chief Executive Officer at Gensler, a world renowned design firm.  Her strong leadership belief about happy employees make your business successful resonates with me.

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