Phone Number: (713) 355-1900

Based in Houston, Karina Brisack is an Administrator at Allen Austin & Gaines International. She provides high-level administrative support to the Managing Partner and Partners of Gaines International as well as to Allen Austin’s Operations Manager, working closely with them to ensure a smooth flow of business between all stakeholders. Karina is skilled at managing internal and external communications and acts as a liaison between clients, candidates, and associates.

Karina is proud to have a diverse professional background, having worked in a variety of industries before joining the Allen Austin & Gaines International teams. In her current role as an Administrator, Karina brings to bear her multiple years of work experience as a public school teacher, IT technician, journalist, and legal support specialist. She is passionate about making the worldwide workplace a more equitable, effective, and fulfilling place to be.

Karina is an alumna and former House Head of the Honors College at Houston Baptist University, an intensive liberal arts program focused on the Socratic method and the Western canon. In 2019, she graduated magna cum laude from HBU with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and a minor in Writing. On the weekends, Karina enjoys performing comedy, studying relational psychology, and cooking. She is also an avid short story reader and a reluctant short story writer.

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