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Client Testimonials

As the President & CEO of HMC Architects – a firm of 350+ employees – I feel it is extremely important to align with a recruiting organization that has a high level of industry expertise, providing quick service and quality candidates, while also understanding our firm’s culture and staffing needs. Gaines International has been our go-to recruiting organization for years, and I enthusiastically recommend them as a valuable resource.

In today’s highly competitive staffing environment, things move rapidly, and the best executive-level candidates are often employed and/or entertaining multiple offers, requiring a quick interview and hiring process. Navigating through these situations can be challenging and extremely time-consuming, so it is a major benefit to have a respected organization cover the preliminary steps on your behalf.

Donna and her team at Gaines International have helped HMC fill several key strategic positions in the past, and I anticipate a positive working relationship with them to continue well into the future. Once again, I am happy to endorse Gaines International for your executive
and strategic recruiting needs. – HMC Architects, President & CEO

In today’s competitive recruitment environment, it is critical to partner with a firm that represents your company well. Gaines International has effectively partnered with Cannon for over twelve years. With fifteen offices across the globe and projects around the world, Cannon is selective in our choice of recruiters. Gaines’ recruiters have identified many exceptional employment candidates and have pre-selected those candidates for our consideration who have always been aligned with our vision and values. – Cannon Design, CEO

Donna is among the most knowledgeable people in our profession regarding high-level talent and she is very sensitive to the proprieties of recruiting in the sometimes intimate world of design. – Cannon Design, President

Cooper Carry has enjoyed great results from the recruiting services of Gaines International for 30 years. That we have used their services for three decades attests to our satisfaction with the quality of the process, interactions, and results. During this period we have also retained other search firms of various assignments, but none have consistently delivered the results produced by Gaines, and none have made the process as streamlined and efficient for our professionals who interface with Donna Gaines andher team.

We find that the most distinguishing quality that Gaines brings to the recruiting process is that they develop a thorough anddeep understanding of our firm, its key people, and its culture as well as a thorough and deep understanding of the position we need to fill. They actively participate in the development of a very detailed position description. The knowledge they gain though this process is then used to distill qualified candidates down to only those that they know can both meet the requirements of the position and blend comfortably into our firm. We therefore interview only candidates that can both perform and fit. That saves us valuable time and has consistently resulted in the subject position being filled with a successful, productive professional who feels to us like they have been a member of our firm for a long time. – Cooper Carry, President and CEO

We had the pleasure of working with Gaines International on a strategic search for our firm. Selecting the right search firm to partner with was extremely important to us. We looked for a firm that would sincerely listen to our needs, represent our firm as an ambassador to the marketplace, be flexible with our processes, provide consultative insight when needed, and superior results in a timely manner. Our expectations are high in the relationships we forge…Gaines not only delivered on our expectations but exceeded them. The hire we have made through the assistance of Gaineswill have a lasting impact on our organization for years to come. I look forward to partnering with Gaines on many more strategic hires. – David Evans and Associates, Director of Recruiting

During the past 2 years, DFS has engaged Gaines International to assist with two global searches for strategic senior management positions. In both cases the team at Gaines delivered to an exceptional level driving efficient and effective searches that left all candidates with atrue feeling of value and respect. Overall, I found Gaines to be responsive to our needs and ultimately delivered what was committed. – DFS Galleria, President Store Operations

As a relatively new CEO of Fuss & O’Neill, Inc. in 2012, I decided we needed to make a number of course adjustments to strengthen our nearly 300 person consulting firm of engineers, scientists and planners. One of these changes was to add a new Chief Operating Officer position. We needed someone with a proven track record in the A/E/C industry of making positive improvements to operations and profitability.So, how to do this was the next question. To find the right person, we knew we needed a strong executive search firm, one with a reach beyond New England, to help us. After speaking with several others we identified firms and interviewed two. Gaines International was our clear choice, based on Donna Gaines’ quick understanding of our needs, knowledge of the industry and matter of fact answers to questions like “How long will this take?”

Donna and her team developed a very good understanding of the challenges and strengths of our firm and the type of COO candidate that would meet our needs, aided by on-site interviews with several senior managers and multiple conversations with our Human Resources Director and me. Gaines provided four strong candidates, with candid pros and cons of each, and handled all the arrangements for interviews with our short-listed candidates.We were fortunate to have a clear choice for our COO position andworked with Donna to develop an offer and negotiate a deal. Our situation was dynamic, as our top candidate had another opportunity to consider, and Donna was very helpful in working through this situation. She did a nice job managing the challenge of representing our interests, while also providing a realistic set of the candidate’s expectations.

We were successful in hiring our first COO a year and a half ago, and he has, as hoped, been a critical leader in implementing positive changes to our operations and improving our financial performance. We were very happy with Gaines International’s role in making this happen. I particularly enjoyed working with Donna Gaines, who got quickly up to speed in understanding what made our firm tick, and what kind of a person (experience and personality) would work best in implementing positive changes for Fuss & O’Neill. I have and will continue to recommend Gaines to other organizations seeking to fill top level positions. – Fuss & O’Neill, President & CEO

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Gaines International and Anne Boase for their professional recruitment services. Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Anne on a couple of assignments. During this time, I found her to be diligent in following through on commitments and relentless in pursuing candidates on our behalf. Anne can be depended upon to make a good match between clients and candidates. She is an honest and forthright professional in her own right and does an excellent job matching the desired talent we desireto the company’s needs.

Besides being a reliable source of information and an extraordinary ambassador for both the company trying to recruit talent or the individual looking for a new opportunity, the most important quality that Anne displays is integrity. For this reason, I know that I can always depend on Anne to work in the best interest of our firm. I believe this quality is truly rare in the world of professional recruitment and is extremely beneficial in the long run for her clients. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again. – Gensler, Executive Director & Managing Principal

My first encounter with Gaines was with Donna herself when she recruited me from Ohio where I had my own practice to go to work with for the May Department Stores Company. From that side of the relationship, she was awesome and won my trust and future business. I was well placed at the May Company for a mutually beneficial 5 ½ years.At NewGround, I have had the opportunity to hire Gaines 3 times for 3 difficult searches. Bear in mind we have an in house full time recruiter that successfully fills 95% of the positions companywide. These three searches were all filled in a reasonable amount of time, on budget and with high quality people. The people Gaines has recruited for us remain among our top employees today.

I personally like Donna’s nononsense, tell-it-like-it-is attitude. Donna does not always tell you what you want to hear but she will tell it to you straight. Donna and her team are joyful, upbeat, hardworking and knowledgeable. I found Joy to be cut from a similar cloth. Although not as experienced as Donna, Joy personally handled one of our most difficult placements and did a fantastic job. Anyone that can run 100 miles in a single race has the endurance for the business.Gaines is uber connected to our industry. They have placed many executives and worked with so many in our business that they know the pulse and know the landscape better than most of us do at times. We have actually tried other search firms to save money whenwe had a local search. We ended up hiring Gaines for that search and lost out on a little money and quite a bit of time. Because of the results we havegotten from Gaines, I have been able to steer other searches from other divisions of our company to Gaines.Top people find top people. The folks at Gaines are at the top of their field. I truly sleep better a night when they are working on my search. If you want to know how I really feel, please do not hesitate to arrange for a one on one conversation to discuss. – New Ground, Senior Vice President, Architecture

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