The Working Generations

Photo credit: Bs0u10e0  (Flickr)

Photo credit: Bs0u10e0

Even though I’m well aware you have to take statistics with a grain of salt, I find them incredibly fascinating. I find them especially so when they blast stereotypes and give us insight to things we didn’t actually know before. So when I was reading an article over on Recruiter Box about who’s applying for jobs and the working generations I found myself having increibly intrigued. And I maybe had a few “wow I never knew that” moments.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting (in my humble opinion).

48% of baby boomers know enough about tech to use mobile devices to search for jobs.

I’m not going to say I believe the generation knows nothing about tech, but I honestly figured the numbers would be higher for things like email and web surfing rather than using a phone to look for a job.

70% of managers say workers from Generation X are some of their best.

In my experience this generation is often overlooked and I’ve always thought that was a mistake. They have the skill you want and the experience to know how to use it. Good to know the article backs that up (and thinks I’m right too).

68% of Generation Y are among the most passionate employees at their place of employment.

I would absolutely agree with that stat. I’m at the early end of that generation and I am incredibly passionate about what I do. I also need the right work environment in order to turn my passion into actual work. How’s that for a stereotype?

What I do think is really interesting is that I think all of the generations have a lot more in common than we often give them credit for. They want to hit the pavement and get working, but they experience different triumphs and obstacles.

What do you think about the different generations? What are some of your experiences? Share them with us!