Thursday Link Round Up: November 6, 2014


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As a recruiting firm for the building design industry, it’s not crazy to say we’re architecture, engineering, construction, and all things related enthusiasts. That means we get a little excited when we see good news (and good things) happening in our industry. From architects winning awards, to engineers working on cool projects, to the industry itself growing and getting stronger. So our first Thursday Link Round up is going to be dedicated to all the exciting news we’ve read about our industry this week.

  1. Real Estate and Construction companies are bouncing back, according to
  2. Shereen Sherzad receives Iraq’s most prestigious architecture prize for women in architecture, on Arch Daily.
  3. Engineering firm CEOs feel good about company performance and market trends, on Building Design & Construction.
  4. Zaha Hadid’s presents their first building in Shanghai, on Building Design & Construction.
  5. The Best Architecture Schools for 2015 have been announced, on Arch Daily.
  6. Making it the world’s tallest contemporary wood structure, a 96-foot-tall, 51,000 square foot structure built almost entirely out of engineered wood components opens in Canada, on Architectural Record.

And, have you heard our good news? Earlier this week we announced our new partnership with Allen Austin, a Global Executive Search, Strategy & Implementation Solutions firm headquartered in Houston, TX. Check out the Press release to learn more about what this means for Gaines International.