What Millennials Want In The Workplace

Photo credit: www.opticiantraining.org.

Photo credit: www.opticiantraining.org.

Millennials often get a bad rap when it comes to the workplace. But, after reading an article about millennial values in the workplace it seems to be more that they’re often misunderstood. It’s not that they don’t want to work. It’s that they just work in a different way and have different demands when it comes to work and their careers.

And it’s kind of important to understand their way of doing things since it’s expected that they’ll take over a majority of the workforce in the next few years.

Let’s take a look at some of the things millennials want in the workplace.

A balance between work and life

I’ve definitely seen an increase in this desire in the workplace as a whole in the past few years. People want to be able to disconnect sometimes.

To do meaningful work

Jobs are no longer just jobs. They’re no longer just a way to pay the bills. Or something you do because you have to. People are seeking things they love and feel passionate about. Something that’s more than a way to pay the bills.

To Work Efficiently

Instead of plugging away for the typical 40-hour work week, they’re seeking ways to work less while still accomplishing as much if not more. This probably comes from the need for a job to be more than just a job. And likely one of the biggest causes for the assumption that they don’t want to work.

To receive feedback

Both positive and negative. Millennials crave comments and feedback on how they’re doing.
I found this article pretty enlightening and interesting. I can kind of see how it’s more a matter of misunderstanding their needs. And some of the stuff makes sense. After all, it is an entirely new generation. It only seems logical that they would want to mold and shape the workplace to be more in line with their needs.

What do you think about their needs? If you’re a millennial, what would you add to the list?