What We’ve Been Reading: April 22, 2015

Photo credit: Nick Page (Flickr)

Photo credit: Nick Page (Flickr)

Happy Wednesday everyone! We’ve been reading a lot of great articles this week. So many that it was so hard to pick a few (and that’s why they’re all over the place this week). From award winning projects, to droughts, to building designs. Here’s what we’ve been reading this week.

3 Projects Win 2015 Global Holcim Awards for Sustainability (ArchDaily)

How to create a culture of innovation and work differently (Chicago Creative Space)

With the popularity of CAD programs, just how much do we really use hand drawing anymore? (ArchDaily)

Lima, Peru, one of the world’s driest cities, is turning to it’s 1,000 year-old  water infrastructure for help (Fast Company)

How buildings are helping us to lead more active lifestyles (Fast Company)

What have you been reading? Tell us about it!