What We’ve Been Reading: April 8, 2015

Photo Credit: Derek Midgley (Flickr)

Photo Credit: Derek Midgley (Flickr)

There’s been a lot of news happening in our industry lately. Some good. Some bad. And, as usual, we’ve been keeping up with all of it and are bringing it all to you. Here’s what we’ve been reading lately.

Construction costs in the US are rising. And, per the article, “the city with the highest annual increase is Honolulu, with 13 percent.” Wow! (Architect)

How do you feel about the all-nighter culture in our industry? Well, ArchDaily asked it’s readers and here’s how they responded. (ArchDaily)

Facebook is moving ahead with two Gehry designed buildings. They sound pretty amazing. (Dezeen)

This cool apartment building designed by Studio Toggle. The project is the Edges Apartments in the Salmiya district near Kuwait City and it looks like blocks. (Dezeen)

An engineering firm has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, claiming they stole data center design. (ENR)