What We’ve Been Reading: January 27th, 2016


We know, we know. We’ve been slacking with our weekly reading here at Gaines. But we are turning things around and bringing you a new great batch of articles today because after all, it is Wednesday.

Whether you are starting a new job, have been at your firm for a long time, or are looking for some guidance in the industry, having a mentor has many advantages. However, finding the right one, or finding one at all for that matter, can be difficult.  In this article, Kate Rodriquez outlines 9 tips and tricks to finding a mentor that is right for you.

9 Tricks to Finding The Right Career Mentors (Social-Hire)

With more and more Americans working from home (Forbes stated that as of 2013, 1 in 5 Americans do), employer concerns over productivity increases.  Personally speaking, I have a hard time staying focused working on my dining room table when I know there are dishes to be done, clean laundry to be put away, and a cozy couch to lay on.  This article has outlined 10 tricks that make working from home a more productive and happier experience for myself and I hope it does the same for you!

10 Tips to Become Happier and More Productive Working From Home (Entrepreneur)

If you are interested, click here for the Forbes article

Have you ever experienced “flow” when working on a task? When you came out of it, did you feel more or less productive? Have you ever been frustrated by the many distractions during the day that can disrupt your ability to get into flow? Studies have shown the many benefits of flow such as increased productivity and reduced stress, but the impact of flow doesn’t just stop there. Read this article to learn how to incorporate more flow into your workday.

How to Use Flow to Make You More Productive (Entrepreneur)

“What is your life purpose?” is a heavy question that can induce a lot of self-anxiety if you are not sure what you are doing with your life. Instead, Mr. Manson suggests that we ask ourselves what do we want to be doing with our time. For some, that answer is still not very clear. In this article, Mason poses 7 humorous and somewhat childish questions that can help get the wheels turning, point you in the right direction, and help you start to find some of the answers to life’s bigger questions.

7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose (Mark Manson)

We know that emotions and illnesses can be contagious, but did you know that our behaviors are too? A social behavior that is contagious is referred to as a social contagion. While social contagions can be used for good, like when trying to motivate your coworkers on a project or promote a healthier lifestyle by joining a gym as an office. However, social contagions can also bad influencers such as smoking, lazy work ethic, or even leadership. This article highlights research done by UC San Diego and takes a look at the impact of social contagions on leaders and their peers.

The Trickle-Down Effect of Good (and Bad) Leadership (Harvard Business Review)

We all fantasize about the idea of going to bed early, of being able to turn everything off and just fall asleep at a reasonable hour. However, we usually convince ourselves that we will sleep better if we stay up for a few more hours our work done.  Sometimes we don’t finish the task until the wee hours of the night and the result is that you are unfocused and exhausted. Despite of all the research that is out there telling us why it’s important to get enough sleep, this article provides seven brief and highly convincing reasons to do so. Getting the recommended amount of sleep for our respective ages not only has immediate next day benefits, but long-term health benefits.

7 Reasons Productive People Go to Bed Early (Inc.)

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