What We’ve Been Reading: Nov 11, 2015


Photo Credit: Library of Congress


It’s Wednesday, which means we have another round up of articles that have floated down our feeds this week.

For El Dorado Architects, Modern Design Starts With Old-Fashioned Craft (Curbed.com)

Curbed has just released its list of 2015 Groundbreakers, a new category of their annual Young Guns awards.  Among them is the Kansas City based firm of El Dorado, whose principal architects went back to school to learn welding, wood working, and other trade skills in order to build elements of their building in addition to designing them.

The 13 Most Common Destructive Patterns in the Workplace (Inc.com)

Every person has their own quirks that can be helpful or harmful in the work environment.  Recognizing your own can help you correct behaviors that can keep you from excelling in your career.

Pixel Wall / HKU Department of Architecture (Arch Daily)

A public space does no good if people do not use it, so sometimes an intervention is necessary.  Tuen Mun Park in Hong Kong was just an open plaza with a few trees until the Pixel Wall was built.  A curving, undulating, partially reflective structure creates smaller spaces within the park, drawing people in to utilize it.

The One Question on Every Person’s Mind — Do Others Like and Want to Work With Me? (Entrepreneur.com)

There are people we enjoy working with and people we have to pretend we enjoy working with.  But knowing where you fall in that dichotomy can be a challenge.  Since the business world is all about relationships, answering this question is essential.

Madrid Río Wins Harvard’s Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design (Arch Daily)

An eight lane highway should mean that communities are connected, but sometimes said highway does more harm than good.  The city of Madrid found that a 120 acre park does a far better job of bringing people together, decreasing city congestion, and increasing tourism.

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