What We’ve Been Reading: October 14, 2015

Woman reading book – Flickr – Photo Credit - pyl213

Photo Credit: pyl213 (Flickr)

Happy Wednesday! Here is a taste of what we’ve been reading this week. From the lighting of the future to making the most of your online network, we’ve got you covered.

10 Lo-Tech Interactive Environmental Graphic Design Installations (IA Interior Architects)

Companies are always looking for ways to improve their employees’ work experience. From chalkboard walls to art installations highlighting other office locales, here is how some organizations are connecting their employees to their work-space.

Guide to Building a Strong LinkedIn Network (Social Talent)

Everyone is supposed to be on LinkedIn these days, but in order to get the most out of it you might need some expertise. This guide to building a strong online network is for recruiters, but anyone working today should have a look.

Bioluminescent Lamp: Oddity, Novelty, Engineering Challenge (Engineering.com)

Might the lamp of the future use living organisms rather than electricity? One innovative company thinks so. BioPop hopes to use the bioluminescence of microscopic creatures to replace modern lightbulbs, hopefully reducing energy consumption.

London calling… for help in its housing crisis (The Guardian)

As London’s population continues to boom towards the 10 million mark, the conundrum of where to put all the people in an increasingly expensive market has led to an architecture idea competition. However, the resulting plans have left much to be desired. The ten finalists have offered concepts that often sacrifice public space, living space, or aesthetics in order to cut costs and offer new building locations that aren’t the suburbs.

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