What We’ve Been Reading: October 28, 2015



It’s that time of the week again, the one where we share some of our favorite articles that have come across our feeds.  Be sure to let us know what you’ve been reading this week!

The 9 Principles That People Who Feel Successful Say They Live By (Entrepreneur)

As a society, we are finally coming to the realization that success does not look the same for every person.  The goal is no longer to necessarily be seen as successful by others’ standards but to feel that way by your own.  In this article, the author interviewed people from various fields who say they “feel successful” and mapped out this path to enlightenment for the rest of us.

NEXT architects’ bat-bridge in the Netherlands serves people and nature (Design Boom)

Bats have had it rough.  Not only are they among our least favorite animals, but they also have been suffering from shrinking populations in recent years.  A Dutch city, fittingly named Monster, has recently leant a helping hand to the imperiled mammals by designing a bridge over their local river specifically to benefit their local bat populations.

Brooklyn Bridge Park: What a Design by O’Neill McVoy + NVda Says About the State of Architecture (ArchDaily)

Any article with the phrase “the State of Architecture” is bound to be depressing, but it’s good to stay informed, right?  In this piece, the author extols the merits of one of fourteen proposals for two residential towers that were called finalists for the project.  The winning proposal, however, was not in the competition.

Lycée Française de Chicago / STL Architects (ArchDaily)

A LEED certified project in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood, this new educational campus will make you want to go back to high school.  Built in stages in order to stay within the school’s stringent budget, the light filled buildings are a testament to the truth that great design can arise from economic limitations.

3 Things Everyone Should Do in the First 5 Minutes of an Interview (Inc.com)

The question may sound like “tell me about yourself” but it means “why should we hire you?” Here are some thoughts on how to best nail that first question without breaking a sweat.

This Mini, Portable Wind Turbine Could Charge Your Phone Or Power Your House (Fast Company)

Renewable energy is popping up in ways most of us never dreamed of.  Two Icelandic brothers have designed a way to make clean energy portable and accessible to anyone who wants it, regardless of location.

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